Tempus Fugit

“Hey!!!” (That word sounds super cute in a toddler voice.) Guess who found the computer cord mixed in with some of Dada’s extra cords and things…

Yay!!!” (In our house, this word means clap, squeal, and giggle.)

Much, MUCH has changed in the last 2 months. Our baby was born, “Dada” was laid off and then got a new temporary job (a lot less money, but still better than unemployment), we went to the beach (Hallelujah! Why don’y we live there?!), and our toddler turned another year older. 🙂

So, there are quite a few pics to share. Happy viewing!



All Things Green

>Happy St. Patrick’s Day! So far to celebrate the “holiday” we have…

Eaten Lucky Charms,
Finger painted (a plate and the table it was on… among other things… bath picture not included lol),
Played a “rainbow drop” game–
Which quickly fell off the wall because mommy couldn’t find the right kind of tape. He made the best of it anyway. 🙂
We also decorated some mini cupcakes with green sprinkles.
And if you think Little Boy showed talent with the way he put sprinkles on the cupcakes, you should have seen the way he put sprinkles in his hair, my hair, on the counter, and on the floor. 🙂

Our plans for the remainder of today include eating green eggs and ham for dinner, followed by a viewing of the quintessential John Wayne flick “The Quiet Man.” I imagine we’ll have to watch most of the movie once a certain little person is fast asleep…

Anyway, to commemorate today, I made sure that every picture I took this month had some green in it. Enjoy!

Daddy’s helper
Smashed Peas!
Pasta-saurus Rex approved Pumpkin Mac
Even though there isn’t too much “simple” about the car fix…
Green Grapes & Chicken-Broccoli Salad
Making emergency clothes and diaper car kits for both kids
This month’s husband-wife book


Little Boy Dinner


Introducing the baby concept to Little Boy


Simply the BEST!
Cookie dough is a post-natal freezer stash MUST HAVE.


Little Boy actually loves the pictures in this book (let’s hope he loves his new reality next month even more).
Puzzles! With Helicopters!
Little Boy Lunch
Shepherd on the Search: Early Christmas Purchase for this year 🙂

I hope everyone at least gets one Irish (or green) treat today. Cheers! <<

2 Months, 2 Words or Less

>>January was full of surprises at the Day house. Everything from “Our insurance went up by HOW MUCH??!” to “It’s a Girl!!” to “Ummm, our furnace isn’t working.” A certain little boy also got to experience his first big snow. (Well, the first big snow he could actually walk or play in. If he wanted to. But he didn’t.)

Despite the cold weather, we had many adventures in the woods and even more adventures working on the house. (For the first time since we moved in 10 months ago, for example, we have a usable dining room! Wohoo!!!)

We also took a road trip at the beginning of the month.

January quickly melted into February, the month of changes. We had a sofa trade, a car trade, a church switch (OK, that was a longer process than just February), and we rearranged furniture in or re-organized pretty much every room of the house.

Fixer upper projects have continued because the baby clock is quickly ticking down and clearly the newborn phase doesn’t mesh well with hammering, drilling, etc.

Since I had lots of pictures accumulate over the past two months, I decided to make the captions on each picture 2 words or less. (You have to hover over the picture to read the caption, if there is one.)

Without further superfluous verbiage, here’s what we have been up to since Christmas…


O Christmas Tree, O Symphony… and everything else in between

>>A batch of Julia Child’s crepe batter sits in the fridge, awaiting tomorrow morning and my husband’s skillful hands. Our Christmas hike has been discussed, and an assortment of little presents fills our shoes in the next room.

It has been a long, somewhat eventful season filled almost equally with good days and difficult days. God has been teaching us and blessing us a-plenty. Naturally, some of the most amazing things that we have experienced this Christmas cannot be fully expressed in picture form (including, among other things, the privilege of listening to a live performance of The Messiah).

But the moments which time and memory have allowed me to photograph are featured here. I hope you enjoy this tiny montage of moments.

Merry Christmas to all & to all a good night.<<

Christmas in the Little Things

>>We’ve been busy– kicking off the Christmas season in the Day house this past week. Here’s a quick peek at what we did.

We put up our Advent calendar…



Pulled out our favorite Christmas books…


Made peppermint ornaments for the forthcoming tree…


Stocked up on some “hustle and bustle” munchies  

For work…

And for home…

Gave a much-needed update to our wreath…


Started constructing a candy wreath…


And assembled smoothie-making materials to celebrate the one year anniversary of my jaw-breaking surgery. 🙂


I guess the flurry of activity warrants a nap. For some people, anyway. 😉


Like you, we have much more merry-making to do this month. Wishing you many peaceful evenings by the fire.


Over and out.<<